S. Hiddle

Testimonials | March 12th, 2018

‘I would like to give you some feedback regarding the installers, they were just fantastic. Very nice people and did a great job. The electrician’s (I’m sorry I can’t remember their names – but they were great guys!) and Tony were also fantastic. Overall excellent customer service and done so quickly which I cannot express how much this meant to us and how much we appreciate the prompt service. After being robbed we were left feeling incredibly vulnerable and scared. Whilst I think its going to take some time for these feelings to abate (if ever), having the roller shutters and stainless steel mesh screens certainly help us feel a bit more secure.

Thank you so much, and we will be sure to recommend you guys to anyone thinking about roller shutters, screens etc… in fact, I believe our neighbour is getting a quote from Tony today!  Take care, and thank you.