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Benefits of Converting Your Shutters from Manual to Electric

Shutters are a highly effective and attractive way to ensure privacy and security for your home. Also, they allow you to control the amount of light that you let into your house at different times of the day. If your present shutters operate manually, though, you seriously may consider converting them over to electric. This conversion does not take long when a professional performs it, and it offers you the following benefits.

Eliminates Unsightly Cords When Desirable

Unless you want the dual ability of manual and electric operation, this conversion can do away with unsightly cords. This may appeal to you when you have young children since they will not become tangled in the cords while playing. Also, cords are not an attractive enhancement for your room for the most part.

You Can Operate the Shutters With Just a Touch on the Remote

Another benefit of converting manual shutters to electric is the fact that you can operate them with just a touch or two on the remote control. There are various functions on the remote, so that you can fine tune the position of your shutters to suit your needs.

Adjustments in Settings Are Possible from the Comfort of Your Chair or Sofa

The remotes are strong enough to operate the shutters from the comfort of your sofa or chair, and any other part of the room that you may be in at the time. You quickly appreciate how convenient this benefit is once the conversion is complete. No more will you need to interrupt a conversation, your reading or other activities just to walk over to the windows to adjust your shutters. With a few clicks on the remote, you can accomplish the adjustment while still enjoying your activity at the time.

Certain Functions Can Be Preset

In addition to the above benefits, certain functions can be preset to control the shutters at a specific time of day. Examples include that you can preprogram the remote to close the shutters at night and open them at the same time each morning. Remote systems do vary some with this, though, so check with the professionals who perform the conversion for you to learn all the functions in your remote system for your electric shutter conversion.

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