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Electric or Solar Shutters: What Should You Choose for Your Home?

Today, many homeowners in Australia are discovering the benefits of exterior shutters for their homes. Not only do they provide the utmost of privacy and protection for a home, but they also can help the house stay cool in the summer by blocking the sun’s rays. If you are considering these shutters for your house, you may or may not know that they come in both electric and solar versions. While you may think that both are equal, one may be better for your specific location than the other one. Let us explore both options a bit further to help you make up your mind which to select for your home.

Solar Shutters Requires Special Placement to Operate Correctly 

One advantage of installing solar shutters on your house is the fact that they receive their power from the sun and will not increase your power bill. Either the shutters will have their own solar collection system built in, or they will run off a home’s solar system. If they come with their own systems, they work more effectively on windows that face west or south than the ones that face east or north. Also, you cannot have awnings above the windows or trees shading the house. These drawbacks will have a major influence on whether or not these shutters are right for your house. On top of this, even if the shutters are tied into your home’s solar system, there are times that the weather is not ideal to provide all of the power necessary to add these shutters to the system.

Electric Shutters Will Work Reliably 24/7 

In comparison to solar shutters, electric shutters work reliably 24/7 since they run off your home electricity. It does not matter which direction that the windows face.

Electric Shutters Allow Design Flexibility with Other Exterior Elements

Along with performing reliably, electric shutters off you flexibility with your exterior design options. You can have awnings over your windows without hindering their ability to operate properly. In addition, you can have trees shading the house since you do not need to worry about collecting solar energy to power the electric shutters. They also come in a wide assortment of colour options in order for you to match your house’s colour scheme in an ideal fashion.

To learn additional facts about electric and solar shutters, consult with Sun Line Roller Shutters. We specialise in customised roller shutters that are made according to your exact specifications and colour preference. Also, our shutters operate smoothly thanks to friction reduction. Our shutters contain an exclusive dual system that allows for both manual and electric operation.