Factors that Determine Window Roller Shutters’ Longevity and Quality

Blog | December 14th, 2018

When you have sturdy and attractive roller shutters installed on the outsides of your home or office windows, you are adding a strongly protective and beneficial element of safety and security to your home. While safeguarding your residence or business from unauthorized entry by intruders and possible vandalism, you are also protecting the windows of your house or commercial spaces from nearby brush fire threats that can occur and from damage caused by flying debris and broken tree branches during harsh storms.

Another valuable benefit of your newly installed roller shutters is a significant reduction in home or business energy consumption due to the effective insulating capacities of these well-constructed shutters. With these sleek, handsome shutters in place on your windows’ exteriors, you and your entire household or company staff will enjoy benefits of enhanced privacy, noise reduction and control of the amount of natural light entering your room interiors through the windows.

Primary Factors Determining the Longevity and Quality of Roller Shutters

Major factors that can determine the longevity and quality of your home or business roller shutters today include the following:

  • Grade and Durability of Materials – The best quality roller shutters are manufactured of very strong and durable insulated aluminium slats and are designed to last and give good window protection and insulating benefits during long-term use. However, these shutters are also produced using lower grade materials, designs and construction. If you mistakenly bought and installed an inferior brand or design of roller shutters on the windows of your home or business facility, you may notice some deterioration of their outer surfaces or inner insulating material sooner than expected.
  • Exposure to Extremely Harsh Weather Conditions – When they are constantly battered by extremely severe storms and harsh weather conditions, even the best quality aluminium roller shutters may show signs of weakening and damage somewhat sooner than they would under normal climatic conditions. Especially in areas that commonly have numerous severe hail, sleet and ice storms each year accompanied by heavy, gale-force winds, even the most durable roller shutters can show definite signs of damage after a few harsh seasons of stormy weather.
  • Excessive Wear and Tear – Homes or commercial property that adjoin outdoor industrial work areas may incur damage to their window roller shutters from airborne rocks and debris resulting from ongoing use of heavy vehicles, large machinery or smaller items of equipment. In industrial areas where corrosive chemicals are accidentally splashed on aluminium roller shutters during use, these shutters may show immediate surface damage that can lead to the need for replacement shutters.

When you purchase sturdy and insulated aluminium roller shutters from Sun Line Roller Shutters with office locations in Kealba and Epping, Victoria, and serving the entire Melbourne area and beyond, you will gain the benefits of finest quality, long-lasting window coverings.

Whether you are purchasing these shutters to protect the windows of your home or business setting, our excellent team of window treatment experts will guide you toward selecting the ideal style of roller shutters to meet all your specifications, preferences and needs.