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Benefits of Having Doors and Window Roller Shutters

Customised roller shutters that are measured and produced to fit your door and window frames smoothly and completely offer attractive, secure coverage. With advanced dual system open/close mechanisms with a durable 8 mm. drive cable, your shutters will roll seamlessly from the open to closed position with low friction.

The auto-operating system for your shutters has a convenient remote control device with unique features like a timer and preferred position setting. All electrical work during shutter installations is handled by a well-qualified electrician, and each shutter is structured to include roller entry guides for superior long-term operation.

Benefits of Installing Door and Window Roller Shutters for Your Home

You will gain valuable benefits when you choose to install door and window roller shutters to protect and enhance your home, such as the following:

• Varied Roller Shutter Types. – You can select manual, electric or solar shutters for installation on your home doors and windows, and all full service suppliers of roller shutters will also replace or repair damaged or old shutters. You can request shutter designs that operate with a switch, remote control or manual regulation. If you prefer, ask for the device that combines all three of these operating options, for your convenience. Especially by selecting the solar powered control option for your door and window shutters, you will be reducing energy consumption and supporting countrywide eco-friendly efforts.

• Safe, Low-Cost Energy Use Reduction.
– By installing cost-effective and efficient solar roller shutters on the windows and doors of your home, you will also save money by reducing your bills for energy consumption. The well qualified electricians completing your shutters installation or replacement will provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety for your records. You can be assured that all aspects of your shutters installation is safe and efficient, designed to ensure you of many years of continuous good use of your technically advanced, functional and durable roller shutters.

• Attractive Modern Window/Door Protectors. – Your new, attractive, modern roller shutters will cover and protect your home doors and windows during severe storms throughout the year. No need to worry about shattered glass from flying debris, sleet or hail. They will insulate your home’s interiors from extreme heat in summer and frigid temperatures during winter. Since they are available in a wide array of colour choices, you can enhance the exterior facade of your home with appealing, colour-coordinated shutters.

When you consult our experts at Sun Line Roller Shutters with locations in Kealba and Epping and serving the entire Melbourne area, you will receive finest caliber advice, information, shutter selections and full installation services for your home. All the rooms of your house will stay cooler in summer and warmer during winter, with strong shutter protection against window or door damage during harsh, blustery weather conditions.

With reduced energy consumption, you will save funds to use for other purposes. Your attractive new roller shutters will brighten and enhance your home’s exterior decor for significantly greater curb appeal and increased market value.