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Signs that Show Your Window Shutters Need Repair

For most people, there are approximately two times that they pay attention to the quality of their window shutters: when they install the shutters and when they replace them. Most people don’t engage in proper upkeep with their window shutters which means that they might end up using the shutters for long past their expiration date. When does a window shutter expire? That’s a great question and one we are eager to answer for you. Today, let’s break down the key symptoms that indicate that you need to replace your window shutters.

Replacing Your Window Shutters – Key Signs and Symptoms 

Whether you have beautiful mahogany window shutters or simple beige plastic ones, you probably want to know that they look good and are in pretty good shape! With that being said, sometimes time gets away from us and our focus wanders and before you know it, it is time to take down the shutters far after they have quit being aesthetically pleasing and effective. Here are the key signs that you can look for that can trigger an on-time replacement for your shutters.

1) Operational Difficulty – At some point in all of our lives, we’ve had to deal with shutters that simply didn’t want to cooperate. We’re not talking about shutters that are simply complicated, we are talking about shutters that are broken down and have a tough time simply being drawn or closed. Sign #1 that you need to replace your window shutters.

2) Broken Or Scarred Slats
– Window slats that show signs of wear and tear are almost always ready to be replaced. Whether these scars were accumulated from rough usage by pets and children or were merely beaten up over time, pay attention to potential issues.

3) Discoloured Appearance – One of the simplest and easiest to spot problems with your window shutters is discolouration. Over time, sunlight can bring damage to your shutters and cause them to start to lose their colour. Whether your shutters are starting to fade or simply become splotchy with discolouration, this is probably the first sign that you’ll notice. When you go to replace discoloured shutters, you might want to look for special UV-resistant shutters as a possible replacement idea.

Your window shutters are an essential part of making your home attractive to the outside world. Additionally, it never hurts to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing nature of your shutters for your own sake. If you are considering replacing your window shutters, use the signs and symptoms we highlighted above as a guideline for deciding whether or not it is time to make a purchase!